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CSM Policy on Dual Institute Membership


Policy Statement on Institute Membership

February 2004

  1. Institute membership is the individual choice of faculty members - nobody MUST be a member but opting out has a significant opportunity cost.
  2. It is agreed that all faculty members who meet minimal requirements should be encouraged to join an Institute: the tents are large but membership is not guaranteed.
  3. Institute membership does not imply that an individual will be part of a specific Institute program: programs and priorities are set by the Institutes.
  4. An individual can only be a primary member of one Institute. This restriction is primarily for space planning. It is possible to be a secondary member of several Institutes.
  5. The same rules will apply to members from the Alberta Health Services who are not faculty members (if such exist) and to members from other faculties or universities.

Policy Statement on Dual Institute Membership

January 2009

While this option is available, it often presents both practical and strategic challenges, and so we tend to discourage it (full membership in one Institute, associate membership in one or more others, is the usual model).

If you believe that dual full membership is important to you, the approval procedure is as follows:

  1. Written agreement of the two Institute Directors. This should include a clear assignment of responsibility for research space.
  2. Written support of the Department Head that dual membership is in the interests of the faculty.
  3. A request for dual full membership - with the above documentation and a brief justification - should be sent to the Senior Associate Dean Research for approval. It is preferred that this be provided electronically.