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AREC Terms of Reference & Structure


To provide scientific leadership and accountability for ACHRI members and stakeholders, to make recommendations to ACHRI leadership on scientific direction, strategy and progress and to inform ACHRI scientific funding decisions.


ACHRI Research and Education Council (AREC) will be advisory to the Executive Director.

AREC membership will consist of the ACHRI Scientific Director (Chair; non-voting unless a tie breaker is needed), 3 theme leaders (voting), Education Director (voting), Imaging/Genomics/Informatics platform leads (one each, non-voting) as its permanent members. An additional 5 established research leaders (voting), selected from ACHRI membership by the Chair, will serve a term of 3 years.

The chair will report to the Executive Director and other ACHRI stakeholders regarding council’s activities - as deemed appropriate by the institute leadership.

The council will meet 5 times a year to operationalize its agenda. Quorum is met with 50% attendance. Approvals require a 50% plus one majority to pass.

Associate Director and other members supporting ACHRI vision and mission (Alberta Health Services, Alberta Children’s Hospital and Cumming School of Medicine, etc.) will be invited to attend as observers.


Chair: Naweed Syed 
Theme leadership:  William Brook, Stephen Freedman, Jong Rho
Training Program Director:  Dr. Donna Slater
Platform Leads: Francois Bernier, Signe Bray, Jason de Koning
Research Leaders: Carolyn Emery, Shabih Hasan, Deborah Kurrasch, Bruce Pike, Susan Samuel, and Keith Yeates