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Research Support Platform

  • Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute Research Support Platform

    Do you need help/support with a research project?

    The ACHRI research Support Platform is here to support and advance the capacity for quality child health research among ACHRI members and their teams, through consultation and direction at all stages of research, providing research process support, and by forging effective academic collaborations.

    Who are we?

    Dr. Katie Chaput, PhD., is an epidemiologist with over ten years of experience with quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods research, and has advanced biostatistical training.

     Kathy Gratton, has over 20 years of experience in medical research with expertise in research project management and laboratory management.

    What supports are available?

    The Platform provides research support in two distinct areas:

    1. Research methods support, including study design, epidemiologic methods and biostatistical direction (Katie Chaput)
    2. Research and grant process support, facilitation of internal peer review and grant proposal review for all funding opportunities (Kathy Gratton)

    1.      Research Methods Support:

    Dr Chaput is available for consultation with all full and associate members of ACHRI in the following areas:

    Project planning and development:

    • Formulating research questions and hypotheses
    • Creating/refining  study  design  to  appropriately  answer  research questions
    • Ensuring feasibility of research within budgets, time constraints and specific population characteristics
    • Developing/redesigning methods to achieve research objectives and maximize scientific outputs and clinical/population impact
    • Directing sample size calculations and analysis planning
    • Directing database design and coding, data collection and management
    • Providing  bias  minimization  strategies,  adequate  measurement  of extraneous/confounding variables
    • Creating and providing randomization modules
    • Leading integrated interim data analysis techniques
    • Directing  and  overseeing  interim  analyses,  power  projections  and providing decision support
    • Educating, directing and overseeing qualitative sampling recruitment and data collection strategies

    Project execution and conduct:

    Analysis and reporting:

    • Directing data cleaning and preparation
    • Planning biostatistical analysis with ongoing direction and oversight
    • Directing and conducting qualitative analysis and auditing
    • Assisting with interpretation and appropriate reporting of biostatistical and epidemiologic results
    • Conducting advanced analyses
    • Contextualizing results and analyses in current state of knowledge

    Academic collaboration:

    • Providing internal peer-review of grant applications and manuscripts for publication
    • Co-investigating hypothesis-driven maternal and child health research questions
    • Co-authoring peer-reviewed manuscripts
    • Facilitating networking between academic researchers to forge excellence in maternal and child health research teams

    2.      Research Process Support:

    Kathy Gratton is available to all ACHRI members to provide support in the following areas:

    Grant application process:

    • Grant proposal review – all funding applications
    • Internal peer review facilitation – PIs and trainees
    • Customized weekly funding updates and reminders of deadlines

    Advice /assistance with the following:

    • AHS provincial administrative process for clinical research
    • UCalgary and CSM legal: contracts, MTAs, DTAs etc.
    • Research Accounting: fund management, project set-up, budgets, reporting


    How to access the Research Support Platform:

    For Research Methods support:

    Contact Dr. Katie Chaput: , or (403) 210-7066 with a description of your research support needs.
    All ACHRI members have access to 6 hours of free research methods consultation  per project, after which, additional services are available at the prorated cost of $50 per hour, payable to ACHRI.
    Dr. Chaput offers support through direct meetings, regular seminars and lectures, and drop-in sessions (Main Campus), to address specific methodological questions, or to initiate longer-term consultations for ACHRI members across the faculties of Arts, Kinesiology, Nursing, Social Work, Education, and the Cumming School of Medicine.


    For Research Process support:

    Contact Kathy Gratton at, or (403) 210-8198

    How can you make the most of your consultation?

    • Seeking advice early in the project is highly recommended, and is ideal in the proposal development stage.
    • The weeks leading up to major funding deadlines are very busy. If you require direction and advice on a grant application, please ensure you contact the platform at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the internal grant deadline.
    • To maximize the efficiency of your consultation, please be prepared to provide a draft proposal (even if it is rough) and any related supporting documents (i.e. methods papers etc.) that are relevant to your specific consultation request.