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Juliet Guichon

Juliet Guichon
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences
Degrees / Designations: 
B.A. (Yale); BA (Hons. Juris.) Oxford; B.C.L (Oxford); M.A. (Oxford); S.J.D. (Toronto)Called to the Bar of Ontario
Primary Area of Research: 

Human vulnerability at the intersection of law, health care, ethics, religion and journalism

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Research Interests

Dr. Guichon's work addresses human vulnerability at the intersection of law, health care, ethics, religion and journalism.   She has authored several academic articles, presented at academic conferences, and was senior editor of the book, The Right to Know One’s Origins: The Best Interests of Children of Assisted Human Reproduction (Brussels: ASP, 2012).  An award-winning lecturer and seminar leader, Dr. Guichon was invited by both the House of Commons and the Senate to testify in public hearings on Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act.  She is a frequent contributor to public debate and founded two child health advocacy groups that convinced 12 Canadian school boards to reverse their decisions to ban in-school administration of the HPV vaccine.  Dr. Guichon is the recipient of the Canadian Medical Association Medal of Honour, and the Canadian Public Health Association’s National Public Health Hero Award. A graduate of Yale University, she earned two law degrees at Oxford University and a doctoral degree in law at the University of Toronto. She was called to the Bar of Ontario.  A native of Calgary, she has taught also at the Universities of Toronto and Brussels.



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