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Bonnie Kaplan

Bonnie Kaplan
Professor, Depatrments of Paediatrics, Community Health Sciences
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Neurodevelopmental disorders

Other Area(s) of Research: 

Nutrition in relation to brain development and brain function

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Research Interests

For many years, Bonnie Kaplan has been studying developmental disorders in children, especially attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), reading disabilities (dyslexia), and motor problems (Developmental Coordination Disorder). She is part of a team from University of Calgary and University of British Columbia which is searching for the genes that predispose children to develop dyslexia, and is involved in some family studies of reading and attention problems also. With her students, she has been investigating the characteristics of adults with the challenging disorder of ADHD.

Most recently, she has become interested in the mood symptoms that often accompany behavioural disorders, and she has been studying the role of micronutrient supplementation (vitamins and minerals) for the treatment of mood, aggression, and explosive rage. Three publications containing her preliminary work on the supplement have been published, as well as two replications from psychiatrists in the United States. Formal clinical trials are being reviewed in two countries.   

Bonnie Kaplan and her students in the Behavioural Research Unit / Dept of Paediatrics have worked with hundreds of children and adults to develop a new way to learn how to swallow pills.
Their method, based on head posture, is helping children who have difficulty swallowing their medication.


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