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Beverly Collisson


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics
Clinician Scientist, Alberta Health Services

(403) 944-3563

Foothills Medical Centre
1102 South Tower
1403 - 29th Street
Calgary AB T2N 2T9

Research Activities: 

The mechanisms underlying language impairment, late talking toddlers, and clinical management of children with primary language impairment

Primary Area of Research:

My primary lines of investigation include, 1) risk factors, clinical markers, and long term outcomes of toddlers who are late to talk, and 2) the relationships between typical and atypical language learning and cognitive abilities such as those of perception, attention, and memory.  Given the heterogeneity of linguistic and nonlinguistic strengths  and weaknesses in children with primary language impairment, I am interested in understanding what cognitive or linguistic abilities predict those individual differences.  A better understanding of the causal mechanisms that contribute to language learning impairment provides the foundation for the development of more detailed and focused interventions for these children. 

  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)