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Bonnie Kaplan


Professor Emeritus, Departments of Paediatrics, Community Health Sciences

(403) 441-8467

Owerko Centre
The Child Development Centre
2830 - 24th Avenue NW Third 3rd Floor
Calgary, AB  T3B 2X9



Research Interests

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan studies the role of nutrition in mental illness and brain development. Though she has also studied developmental disorders such as ADHD and reading disabilities, and has been part of a behavior genetics team searching for the genes that predispose people to develop dyslexia, she is primarily interested now in improving the nutrient intake of Canadians to prevent and ameliorate psychiatric symptoms. She and her colleagues established the APrON cohort (Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition) to add to the accumulating knowledge that intrauterine nutrition influences the mental health of pregnant women and the long-term outcomes of their children (see

Dr. Kaplan and her students in the Behavioural Research Unit / Dept of Paediatrics have worked with hundreds of children and adults to develop a new way to learn how to swallow pills. Their method, based on head posture, is helping people around the world who have difficulty swallowing their medications and supplements.

Research Activities: 

Nutrition in relation to brain development and brain function

Other Area(s) of Research: 

Neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)