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Frank MacMaster


Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry, Paediatrics;

Inaugural Cuthbertson & Fischer Chair in Paediatric Mental Health

Scientific Director, Strategic Clinical Network for Addictions and Mental Health

(403) 955-2784

Child and Adolescent Imaging Research (CAIR) Program
Alberta Children's Hospital
B4-511, 2888 Shaganappi Trail NW
Calgary AB T3B 6A8


Research Interests:

My research interests are focused on using our neuroimaging platform to identify mechanisms that underlie neurodevelopmental and mental disorders. By doing so, we can improve health outcomes of children and adolescents in three ways: (1) by identifying the mechanisms that underlie the development of these disorders; (2) by using that new knowledge to better diagnosis neurodevelopmental and mental disorders; and (3) by developing novel treatment targets and identifying predictors of response. Our main intervention is neurostimulation. Neurostimulation methods offer the capability to modulate brain activity that in turn modulates brain function. Given the paucity of information on neurodevelopmental and mental disorders in children and adolescents, there is an urgent need to uncover the origins of these disorders and develop effective and optimally targeted interventions.





Research Activities: 

Neuroimaging studies of the effect of neurostimulation on neurodevelopmental disorders and child and adolescent mental health.

Other Area(s) of Research: 

(1) Neuroimaging studies of acquired pediatric brain injury and rehabilitation 

(2) The effect of obesity on brain development and the nature of reward processing in addictions



  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)