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Katie Chaput


Senior Research Methodologist, ACHRI
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Cumming School of Medicing

(403) 210-7066

Cumming School of Medicine
Heritage Medical Research Building Room 213
3330 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary AB T2N 4N1

Research Activities: 

Perinatal epidemiology has become my focus primarily because it centres on a time period in the life course in which two individuals and their health and disease states are inseparable, and thus the study of them requires unique theory, holistic approaches, and highly rigorous research methods.  I have a deep interest in the interplay between epidemiology, sociobiology and the sociology of motherhood in Canada.  I recently completed a prospective cohort study of 465 Calgary mother-infant pairs, the primary aim of which was to explore the impacts of breastfeeding difficulties and supports on postpartum depression.  We found that a combination of breastfeeding difficulties and a negatively perceived support experience, increased the risk of PPD by greater than 3 times than in mothers without breastfeeding difficulties.  A number of secondary analyses have been, and continue to be conducted on the cohort data, including:  a study of the effectiveness of breastfeeding supports on breastfeeding problem resolution, factors contributing to positive breastfeeding outcomes in conjunction with optimal maternal mental health, breastfeeding support experiences among mothers of infants requiring NICU care, and the knowledge, attitudes, experiences and beliefs of breastfeeding support providers.  My past and ongoing projects, in conjunction with a knowledge synthesis project, will be developed into an evidence-based randomized controlled trial of a novel postpartum intervention that aims to optimize breastfeeding outcomes and maternal mental health. 

Research Areas: 
perinatal epidemiology
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)