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Kristin von Ranson


Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

(403) 220-7085

Admin Room 275
2500 University Drive NW
University of Calgary
Calgary AB  T2N 1N4

Research Activities: 

I use a variety of research methods to examine risk and maintenance factors for eating disorders across the lifespan with the aim of improving our understanding of the spectrum of eating disturbances. My research involves child, adolescent, and adult patients and community members, as well as families. One of my primary research interests is helping to understand and bridge the gap between researchers' recommendations and practitioners' choice of psychotherapies. Another primary research interest is investigating similarities and differences between eating disorders and addictions, to elucidate the relationship between eating disorders and behavioural addictions. I am also interested in associations of eating problems with comorbid psychopathology, such as substance misuse, anxiety, depression, and childhood externalizing disorders, as a means to identify shared aetiological or maintenance factors. Other research projects focus on topics including personality, attentional biases, and the efficacy and effectiveness of specific treatments for eating disorders.

Research Areas: 
Eating disorders; research-practice gap

Registered Psychologist
Licensed Psychologist