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Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

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The Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) supports excellence in research, innovation and knowledge translation to improve the health and well-being of children from pre-conception to adulthood. 

A multi-disciplinary institute of the University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, the institute creates new knowledge to change practice and shape policy in ways that improve child health outcomes

Our vision is a healthier and more prosperous future for our children through research.

Message from Dr. Brent Scott

Community support made possible the creation of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute in 2009, opening the doors to endless possibility as our Institute fuels crucial efforts to find new discoveries, treatments and cures.

Why do we need an institute? This important partnership between Alberta Health Services, the University of Calgary and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation unites leading experts in research, education, clinical care and community health to tackle our most pressing child and women’s health problems as a team.

Working together from the laboratory "bench," the hospital "bedside," and home community "backyard" enables our experts to challenge one another with informed questions and join forces in finding the best solutions for improving the health and wellness of children and mothers.

We know every cure begins with research. Fifty years ago, thousands of Canadian children were wiped out by polio and the thousands more who survived were left disabled and paralyzed. Visionary research gave us a cure — a simple vaccine. Now, families are asking us to obtain that same success for the devastating diseases their children face today.

Fortunately, we have a wealth of talent to draw from. Calgary has some of the most skilled clinicians, scientists and clinician-scientists in North America right here within our Institute. We know and appreciate that community support and funding from research agencies power our research engine.

On behalf of our Institute’s many members, thank you for your confidence and generosity. Together, by optimizing our bench, bedside and backyard strengths, we will turn research into action and provide better treatments, more cures and healthier futures for kids and moms across Alberta and beyond.

- Dr. Brent Scott
Husky Energy Chair in Child & Maternal Health
Director, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute