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Sequencing Prices

Key Policies

1.     All University of Calgary researchers pay the same prices, regardless of Institute or Faculty.

2.     For university of Calgary researchers, only the cost of consumables is recovered by user fees. Salaries and equipment costs are recovered from other funding. Services provided to external academic, government, or commercial users are subject to higher fees.

3.     Free access to our private Galaxy bioinformatics portal is available to all university researchers. A public access Galaxy portal is available for external users.

4.     Additional bioinformatic assistance is available to ACHRI members. Members of other research institutes or faculties should consult their local bioinformaticians for assistance.

Researchers should contact us for a quote or estimate when beginning any new project or preparing budgets for new proposals.


Click here for our internal next-generation sequencing prices . Please contact us if external academic/government or commercial prices are required.

Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates and vendor pricing.

Sample Submission Guidelines

DNA_RNA for NGS Sample Submission Form

16S Metagenomic Sample Submission Form

TapeStation Sample Submission Form