University of Calgary campus

Sept. 22, 2021

COVIDSafe Campus prepares to accept proof of vaccination status

Message to University of Calgary community

The University of Calgary is moving forward with the next phase of the COVIDSafe Campus program. All UCalgary students, faculty and staff who have attested they are fully vaccinated will soon be required to upload proof of vaccination status into our Thrive Health app.

What kind of vaccination proof is accepted?

Preferred methods of proof of vaccination status include:

  • COVID-19 immunization record from the Province of Alberta is the preferred record for people to upload.
  • Documents provided by the pharmacy or vaccination site at both the individual’s first and second shot.
  • A screenshot or pdf of vaccination record available on Alberta’s MyHealth Records website, showing evidence of two doses.
  • Alternatives to the above from other provinces and jurisdictions will also be accepted.

Uploading vaccination proof

You will receive a follow-up email in the coming days to encourage you to visit Thrive Health and upload your proof of vaccination. We will be staggering these invitations to students, faculty and staff to provide their documentation. Please wait until you receive your email before returning to Thrive Health.

Once you get the email directing you to visit Thrive Health to upload your vaccination proof, you are expected to upload your proof that day.

  • Go to the “complete your vaccination attestation form” section of the app.
  • You will need to go through the vaccination attestation process again, this time concluding with uploading your proof (either a PDF or photo of your documentation.)
  • You may receive a thank you for your submission screen to advise if your upload has been successful. (Note: some browsers will not show you a thank you screen. As long as you see that your proof shows as uploaded you have successfully completed the process.)

Rapid testing

For those who are participating in the rapid testing program, continue to complete your twice-weekly rapid test kits and upload your results to Thrive Health.

A reminder: Test kits cannot be shared with family members or friends. They are provided to ensure you can comply with the COVIDSafe Campus requirements to be eligible to be on campus. You are issued enough kits to fulfill this requirement only and additional kits will not be issued.

Check out our step by step guide for completing a rapid test or our video on how to complete a rapid test.


The University of Calgary has now entered the compliance phase of the COVIDSafe Campus program. We have a team monitoring for individuals who are violating the vaccination status and rapid testing requirements and referring them to the appropriate leaders to take next steps.

Providing a false statement concerning your vaccine status is considered serious misconduct under the University’s Code of Conduct and the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, and individuals will be subject to discipline.