Community engagement

Community Engagement

Building collaboration and networks among researchers, partners, and community members is important work for the Owerko Centre. 

Engaging with our partners

By effectively engaging with our community partners and stakeholders, The Owerko Centre will ideally achieve some of the following effects:

  • Creating better research overall by drawing on local knowledge from those who are engaged in the subject areas on a daily, first hand basis, thereby helping research be better focused and relevant.

  • Improving researchers understanding of what matters to community members, and to improve community understanding of what is important to researchers.

  • Empowering and integrating people from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds into Owerko Centre research areas, and to ensure that their perspectives are reflected.

  • Enabling local networks of community members to find work together to find solutions to common problems.

  • Increaing the likelihood that research findings and practices are effectively implemented and accepted into the broader community. 

Better community engagement increases the likelihood that some or all of these objectives might have a chance at success.

With that in mind, this page will serve as our hub for our community engagement activities where we will highlight partners we work with, provide updates on upcoming community engagement initiatives, and talk about how you can get involved!