Trainee awards

Trainee Award Winners

Owerko Centre Knowledge Dissemination and Engagement Award

This award recognizes individuals or groups who have developed community-oriented projects that showcase The Owerko Centre’s commitment to studying neurodevelopmental disorders and child mental health, in a creative and impactful way. This award encourages trainees and fellows to engage with the surrounding community and foster the broader public’s understanding of scientific research.

Shefali Rai

2021 - Shefali Rai

Project title: Co-Director of Community Engagement for Neuro Nexus 2020


Supervisor: Dr. Signe Bray

Preeti Kar

2020 - Preeti Kar

Project title: Knowledge-to-Action: Translating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Calgary


Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Lebel

Dr. Nicole Racine

2020 - Dr. Nicole Racine, PhD

Project title: Study of Adversity and Resilience (SOAR) Project


Supervisors: Dr. Sheri Madigan & Dr. Suzanne Tough

Owerko Centre Trainee Publication Award

This award recognizes trainees who have first authored papers focused on neurodevelopment and child mental health over a given year in an impactful and creative way.

Brae Anne McArthur

2021 - Brae Anne McArthur, PhD

Paper title: "Trajectories of screen use during early childhood: predictors and associated behavior and learning outcomes"


Supervisors: Dr. Sheri Madigan & Dr. Suzanne Tough

Sabine Soltani, PhD

2021 - Sabine Soltani, PhD

Paper title: "Attentional biases in pediatric chronic pain: An eye-tracking study assessing the nature of the bias and its relation to attentional control"


Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Noel

Dennis Dimond

2020 - Dennis Dimond

Paper title: "Reduced white matter fiber density in Autism Spectrum Disorder"


Supervisor: Dr. Signe Bray

Dr. Rochelle Hentges

2020 - Dr. Rochelle Hentges, PhD

Paper title: "Heterogeneous trajectories of delayed communicative development from 12 to 36 months: Predictors and consequences"


Supervisors: Dr. Susan Graham & Dr. Sheri Madigan

Owerko Centre Trainee Development Award

This award enables Owerko Centre graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to seek specialized training in new methods and techniques that are not currently available at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Elizabeth Baker

2020 - Dr. Elizabeth Baker, PhD

Improving Child and Youth Health Outcomes Through Translational Research


Supervisor: Dr. Deinera Exner-Cortens

Narae Ju

2020 - Narae Ju

Advanced Statistical Techniques for Eye-Tracking Research


Supervisor: Dr. Susan Graham

Jelena Komanchuk

2020 - Jelena Komanchuk

Training on the Simple Interactions Tool to Improve Parent-Child Interaction Assessments for Children Exposed to Early Adversity


Supervisor:  Dr. Nicole Letourneau

Dr. Gillian England-Mason

2020 - Dr. Gillian England-Mason

Advanced Statistical Training in Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)


Supervisor: Dr. Deborah Dewey

Daphne Nakhid

2020 - Daphne Nakhid

Internalizing Behaviours and Iron Accumulation in Youth with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure


Supervisors: Dr. Catherine Lebel & Dr. Carly McMorris