Beata Mickiewicz

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Precision Medicine & Disease Mechanisms Program

National Study Coordinator

Department of Paediatrics

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Office: 403.955.5455

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Office hours

Office: ACH C4-647-09



  • Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Infection
  • Metabolism
  • Precision Medicine

Research Summary

My primary research interest is to uncover potential application of precision medicine for improving disease diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. I have been studying biochemical and metabolic responses to various diseases such as sepsis, appendicitis, osteoarthritis and cancer. Currently, I am coordinating the Precision Medicine for Improving the Diagnosis of Pediatric Appendicitis in the Emergency Department (PRIMED) study which involves 11 Emergency Departments across Canada. Our aim is to discover the “fingerprint” that will help health care professionals diagnose pediatric appendicitis.