Kharah Ross

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Maternal & Child Health Program

Adjunct Professor

Department of Psychology, University of Calgary

Assistant Professor (Centre for Social Sciences (Psychology))

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Athabasca University

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

Contact information



  • Determinants of Health
  • Health Outcomes
  • Maternal Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Psychosocial Outcomes

Research Summary

I am a Health Psychologist, with specialization in psychoneuroimmunology and maternal-child health and wellness. My aim is to understand the social and psychological factors that predict risk for adverse pregnancy and child outcomes, with a focus on biological mechanisms (e.g., immune system, cardio-metabolic system). Pregnancy, the postpartum period and early life are biologically sensitive periods, the outcomes of which can affect health across the lifespan, for mothers and children. As such, my research is framed within a life-course and developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD) perspective. My work also focuses on diverse populations that are traditionally underrepresented in health research, i.e. lower socioeconomic status and/or racial/ethnic minority (Black and Indigenous populations) individuals.