Nicole Letourneau

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Maternal & Child Health Program

Chair in Parent-Infant Mental Health


Faculty of Nursing


Department of Paediatrics


Department of Psychiatry


Department of Community Health Sciences

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

Contact information


Office : CDC379



  • Child Development
  • Maternal Health
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Illness
  • Parenting
  • Resiliency

Research summary

Dr. Letourneau holds the Alberta Children’s Hospital Chair in Parent-Infant Mental Health and is Director of RESOLVE (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence) Alberta. She leads the Child Health Intervention and Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Studies Program ( developing and testing interventions to support parenting, maternal-child attachment, child health and development in the context of maternal depression, family violence and other toxic stressors. She also leads APrON, the Alberta pregnancy cohort of 2200 mother-child pairs and 1200 fathers, now funded for follow-up to 12 years of child age, mainly focusing on predictors of and intersections between parental mental health and child behavioural development.

Areas of research:

  • Parenting and child development in the context of teen motherhood, family violence, and substance abuse
  • Interventions for mothers, fathers, and infants exposed to postpartum depression;
  • origins of fetal programming of infant stress reactivity associated with exposure to maternal depression in utero