Shelly Russell-Mayhew

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Healthy Children, Families & Communities Program

Werklund Research Professor

Werklund School of Education

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

Contact information


Office : EDT634



  • Eating Disorders
  • Mental Health
  • Obesity
  • Psychosocial outcomes

Research Summary

Body weight and the feelings and perceptions we have about our bodies (body image) are both important to well-being and healthy development because both are implicated in how individuals care for, think about, and experience their bodies. My research program addresses gaps or space between education and health, physical and mental health, and eating disorders and obesity. The primary objective of my research program is to lead and transform research about weight-related issues like body image. My research uniquely (a) specializes in prevention, early intervention, and treatment across a spectrum of weight-related issues, (b) integrates mental health promotion and prevention across risk factors, and (c) is systemic: it includes stakeholders across multiple levels, from teachers, students, parents, policy makers, health professionals, prospective employers, schools, universities, and the health care system throughout the research design.