Kathy Gratton, BSc. has experience in medical research, laboratory management, grant funding and research project management.

  1. Research Administration Support

    Assistance and advice is available for ACHRI members in the following areas:

    • AHS provincial administrative process for clinical research
    • UCalgary and CSM legal: contracts, MTAs, DTAs etc.
    • Research Accounting: fund management, project set-up, budgets, reporting 

    To access support in the above areas, contact Kathy Gratton at, or 403.210.8198 with a description of your support needs.

  2. Grant Application Support

    Kathy Gratton is ACHRI's key contact for all external grant applications. Her support is available to all ACHRI members for the following areas:

    • Grant application processes 
    • Grant proposal review – all funding applications 
    • Internal peer review facilitation – for PIs and trainees 
    • Customized weekly funding updates and reminders of deadlines

    To access support for grant application processes or review, contact Kathy Gratton at, or 403.210.8198 with a description of your support needs.

  3. Department of Pediatrics Research Leadership Team

    Research administration support for child health research is available.

Reanalyze Existing Data with Advanced Machine Learning Tools

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many labs have had to pause their research plans on hold. Dr. Nils Forkert’s Machine Learning and Image Processing lab is offering to help apply novel machine learning techniques to analyze any unpublished data or re-imagine data from an existing database. Please contact Dr. Nils Forkert at for further details about this collaboration.