External Child Health Research Funding Opportunities

  • Conferences, workshops and competitions help advance research and development goals and are an important part of building upon ideas. Alberta Innovates values and supports such events as a means of building awareness of our programs and for attracting and recruiting graduate students and researchers. The Strategic Networking and Development Award makes funding available to Alberta-based universities and research institutions for these purposes. Proposals are accepted at any time and are reviewed regularly. Please note that this competition will be part of the new Research Management System (RMS) Release #1, and approvals will be obtained electronically. Please see funding calendar entry for details.The application and approvals must be routed through RMS and reach Research Services.
  • Contact: Lisa Singh

CIHR - Operating Grant : Early Career Investigator Grants in Maternal, Reproductive, Child & Youth Health (2020)

This Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding opportunity to support New Investigators in Maternal, Reproductive, Child and Youth Health is a collaboration between two CIHR institutes. The goal of the program is to build research capacity in maternal, reproductive, child and youth health by funding operating grants to new investigators. Applicants must secure partner contribution from non-federal sources to match the CIHR contribution at a minimum of 1:1 ratio.
Registration CIHR: December 15, 2020
RSO Internal Deadline: January 22, 2021 at noon
Agency Deadline: January 26, 2021
Contact:  Anna LeMarquand

CIHR - Team Grant : Diabetes Mechanisms and Translational Solution
The objectives of the Canadian Institutes of Health (CIHR) Team Grants in Diabetes Mechanisms and Translational Solutions are to elucidate previously undefined mechanisms that control the onset and progression of all types of diabetes mellitus and related complications and co-morbidities, with appropriate consideration of sex as a biological variable and gender as a social determinant of health, and to develop new translational solutions aimed at prevention, treatment, and delivery of care for people living with diabetes.

RSO Deadline LOI: December 7, 2020 at noon
Agency Deadline LOI: December 9, 2020
RSO Deadline Full Application: July 9, 20201 at noon
Agency Deadline Full Applicatoin: July 13, 2021
Contact: Anna LeMarquand 


2020 Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research

Supported by the Canada Brain Research Fund, the purpose of the Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Grants Program is to accelerate novel and transformative research that will fundamentally change our understanding of nervous system function and dysfunction and their impact on health. The ultimate goal is to reduce the social and economic burden of neurological and mental health problems through prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment.

Newly trained researchers in their first independent academic position are in a strong position to formulate innovative and impactful research projects. However, at the early stages of an investigator’s career, they often lack the preliminary data and resources that are required to obtain their first large operating grant. As such, promising early-career researchers are often at a disadvantage when applying to “open” funding programs, where more established researchers tend to dominate. This program provides an opportunity to develop new lines of research on the properties and mechanisms of the brain and nervous system, and gather such preliminary data. This competition is open to early-career researchers within six years of their first independent research position.

Application will be submitted through the RMS system.

RSO Deadline for LOI: November 10, 2020 at noon
Agency Deadline LOI: November 13, 2020 at 4:00 pm EST
Invitation to Full Application: January 7-14, 2021
RSO Deadline Full Application: February 8, 2020 at noon
Deadline for Full Application: February 10, 2021 at 4 p.m. EST

The Alberta Innovates Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Concepts program will be delivered in a series of closed-call streams that are designed to support early-stage innovation in emerging fields of health that are highly relevant to Alberta and support their progression to commercialization.  The first stream addresses three priority areas within the field of precision health aimed to optimize clinical decisions and maximize health benefits. See the Program Guide for full competition details. Funding $600,000 for up to 36 months.

Registration: December 7, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.
RSO Internal Deadline Full Application: January 4, 2021 at noon


In collaboration with the Canadian Shoulder and Elbow Society, the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation established the CSES Research Grant to support and encourage orthopaedic surgeons to conduct collaborative shoulder or elbow research. The total number of awards each year will be variable, based on available funding. Individual awards are in the amount of up to $20,000.

RSO Internal Deadline: February 25, 2021 at noon
Contact: Gary Markoski

Through this funding opportunity, PHAC aims to increase the evidence-base and uptake of health promotion programs and interventions that are effective in preventing and addressing family violence and its health impacts. Projects will use trauma and violence-informed approaches that are tailored to the needs of those who have experienced, are experiencing, or are at-risk of experiencing family violence. Projects funded through this opportunity must contribute to the evidence-base of “what works” to prevent and address family violence and support the health of survivors. Projects must also support scale up and sustainability of approaches that are shown to be effective.

RSO Deadline for LOI: January 25, 2021
Contact: Tempest Emery

Research Enhancement Program

The OADR provides up to $5000/yr for principal investigators or lab members to obtain training in new techniques/methodologies that will enhance their research endeavors. Proposals will be considered to support acquisition of advances to improve an identified future grant application or to rapidly respond to requests by reviews of manuscripts currently close to publication, in a high impact journal (IF >8)