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Internal Peer Review

ACHRI Internal Peer Review (IPR)

 ACHRI’s Internal Peer Review (ACHRI IPR) is open to all members of ACHRI, including trainees.  The objective of the IPR is to maximize the number of applications being reviewed for all major funding agencies.  This process is designed to boost the success of both ACHRI PIs and trainees in securing external and internal research funding.  Review of applications is done throughout the year and is aligned with the various agency deadlines.

 An ACHRI College of Reviewers has been created to assist in selection of reviewers.  Reviewers may also be selected from outside of ACHRI in an effort to cover areas of expertise. To sign up for ACHRI College of Reviewers, please complete the form and submit to


Please note that if you register for internal review through the CSM IPR portal, there is no need to register for ACHRI IPR.

Please be sure to use your UCalgary credentials (i.e., UCalgary User ID and/ or email address) to register for ACHRI IPR, and for any correspondence and email alerts related to the ACHRI IPR.

Please see the following resources to learn more about ACHRI IPR:

ACHRI Internal Peer Review for PIs at a glance

ACHRI Internal Peer Review for Trainees at a glance 

To access the ACHRI IPR Portal, please click here