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Blood Test to predict preterm birth

Understanding SIDS risk factors

Researchers are one step closer to understanding how exposure to cigarette smoke increases the risk of SIDS, and how the cumulative effect of high environmental temperatures (caused by factors such as co-bedding and over-wrapping) and exposure to infection also increases the risk. Dr. Shabih Hasan is the senior author on the study.

Researchers encouraged by ketogenic diet in animal models of autism

Now, a team of researchers at the Cumming School of Medicine has found that a high-fat diet, known as the ketogenic diet, leads to a remodelling of the gut microbiome by significantly reducing the total number of bacteria. Consensus is building among scientists that some bacteria play a role in certain types of autistic behaviour, although the mechanisms are still being discovered.

Grant supports groundbreaking research into how chemicals affect developing brains

A recipient of the 2016 NSERC grants, this funding supports Deborah Kurrasch's groundbreaking work on how chemicals in consumer plastics affect developing brains.  Kurrasch is one of 118 UCalgary researchers to receive federal government funding for fundamental research. Watch Video of research involving zebrafish in Kurrasch lab.

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