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Robotic research aims to help kids with early brain injuries

Robotic device aids research for children

Dr. Adam Kirton and a team of researchers in Calgary have laid the groundwork for developing new therapies for children by using a robotic device to measure their proprioception, or position sense. Kirton is the senior researcher in the study and an associate professor at the Cumming School of Medicine in the departments of pediatrics and clinical neurosciences and a member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Quality of breastfeeding support impacts moms' mental health: study

A new study led by Kathleen Chaput, PhD has found that among new moms experiencing breast feeding difficulties, those that received positive breast feeding support were less likely to experience postpartum depression. Chaput is a nadjunct assistant professor in the Department of Paediatrics and Senior Research Methodologist for the university’s Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Alberta's Human Services Minister meets with deans and child health researchers

The five faculties and 15 child health researchers, representing the Werklund School of Education, Cumming School of Medicine along with the faculties of Arts, Nursing and Social Work, participated in an informal and open dialogue with the minister. The University of Calgary is a leader in advancing and promoting child health through research and learning and these faculties are home to internationally recognized child health researchers with chairs including child neurology, early development, child and maternal health and parent-infant mental health.

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