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BPA and its substitute alter brain growth, linked to hyperactivity

Deborah Kurrasch, PhD, is the lead researcher in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) which has provided evidence that BPA and BPS impair the growth of neurons in zebrafish. The findings are so worrying the lead researcher and her colleagues are calling for “removal of all bisphenols from consumer merchandise".  




Improving diagnosis and treatments of rare diseases

Here and around the world Feb. 28 marks Rare Disease Day, giving communities an opportunity to raise awareness about research and support the many families affected by these diseases.

Child-friendly robots help kids cope with pain

Nine-year-old Aidan Sousa finds his hospital friend MEDi a reassuring presence during his frequent visits to the Alberta Children's Hospital. Tanya Beran, professor of Community Health Sciences, is studying how children experience as much as 50 per cent less pain when interacting with these aids.

AIHS - PRIHS Child Health Grant

Karen Benzies, PhD, Faculty of Nursing and Dr. Abhay Lodha, Department of Paediatrics, are the leads in a family integrated care study in neo-natal intensive care units in Alberta, funded by Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions (PRIHS) and awarded $750,000 for this three-year study.

Leaders in child health research

We are an institute providing leadership to scientists and clinical and community health researchers across priority themes: Behavior & the Developing Brain, Healthy Outcomes and Genes Development and Health. Bench to bedside to community research and the resulting flow of new knowledge and innovation drives improvement in health care delivery and results in better health outcomes.