Popular Documents

Please note that BioCORE documents are continually updated and have a version number and effective date.

Policy Document

The BioCORE policy document describes our operational structure and practices.

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Application for Services

Use this PDF form to apply for BioCORE services.

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Biological Fluid Collection & Handling SOP

Use this SOP template for research study planning.

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Biobanking SOPs

Freezerworks Data Entry

This SOP details data entry into the Freezerworks sample management database.

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Post Exposure Protocol for Biological Hazards

This SOP details the safety and reporting steps when exposed to a biological hazard at the University of Calgary.

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Biohazard Liquid Waste Disposal

This SOP details how to properly inactivate and dispose of liquid biohazard waste.

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Agilent 6550 Q-TOF: Maintenance SOPs

General Maintenance

This SOP details the ongoing maintenance for the Agilent 6550 Q-TOF mass spectrometer.

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Tuning and Calibration

This SOP details the why, when, and how to tune and calibrate the Agilent 6550 Q-TOF mass spectrometer.

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Q-TOF Troubleshooting

This SOP highlights some of the issues encountered during regular use of the Agilent 6550 Q-TOF mass spectrometer and details the source of the issue and how to fix it.

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Agilent 6550 Q-TOF: Data Acquisition, Qualitative Analysis, and Quantitative Analysis

Data Acquisition & Q-TOF Methods

This SOP details how to use Agilent's Data Acquisition software to create methods for accumulating mass spectrometry data using the Agilent 6550 Q-TOF mass spectrometer.

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Qualitative Analysis

This SOP details how to use Agilent's Qualitative Analysis software to interrogate mass spectrometry data files, including compound finding algorithms and much more.

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Quantitative Analysis

This SOP details the use of Agilent's Quantitative Analysis software for creating batch quantitation methods.

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Spectral Database & Library Creation using PCDL

This SOP details creation of mass spectral databases (MS scan data only) and mass spectral libraries (a database with added MS/MS fragmentation data) using Agilent's PCDL software.

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