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Founded in 2004, the Institute of Maternal and Child Health (as it was then known) was established as a centre of excellence in research for maternal, newborn and child health. Re-branded in June 2009 as the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute for child and maternal health (ACHRI), the dedication to research and training excellence continues in the study of human development.

Our institute supports excellence in research, innovation and knowledge translation to improve the health and well-being of children from pre-conception to adulthood.  A multi-disciplinary institute of the University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, the institute creates new knowledge to change practice and shape policy in ways that improve child health outcomes

From research group to institute  

  • 1978  Department of Paediatrics at Foothills Hospital
  • 1982 Alberta Children's Hospital opens
  • 1990 Creation of Child Health Research Unit
  • 1996  Research groups merge as Child Health Research Centre (CHRC)
  • 1998  Alberta government recommends a new location for Alberta Children's Hospital

  • 2004  The Institute of Maternal and Child Health is created with the merger of Child Health Research Centre and  Genes & Development Research Group at the Faculty of Medicine.

  • 2007  A new Alberta Children's Hospital opens.

  • 2007  A partnership is created between Alberta Health Services, University of Calgary and Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation to support the Institute.

  • 2009  The Institute is renamed the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health and is dedicated to clinical and basic research and education excellence in the study of human development from embryo to adulthood. 
  • 2015  The Institute is renamed The Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute