Connecting with community

Meaningful community engagement allows us to bridge the gap between academic inquiry and tangible societal impact. Connecting with the community raises awareness of important research happening at the Owerko Centre while informing our research programs and developing opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. 

Owerko Centre Events

The Owerko Centre hosts regular events throughout the year to bring together researchers, thought leaders and community partners to share insights and engage in discussion around neurodevelopment and child mental health. 

Owerko Centre Conference

Each year, the Owerko Centre Conference brings together speakers and thought leaders to explore a distinct theme with the Owerko community. 

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Owerko Family Annual Distinguished Lecture

This annual lecture invites some of the world's leading researchers in the areas of neurodevelopment and children's mental health to present their research to the Owerko Centre research community. 

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Dr. Harvey B. Sarnat Lectureship and Mini-symposium

This lectureship in developmental neuroanatomy and neuropathology brings together both local and global experts on various topics on brain development. 

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Owerko Neurodevelopmental Clinical and Research Rounds

Held monthly, this series focuses on neurodevelopmental research and clinical practice. 

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Little Red Reading House

In 2023, the Little Red Reading House became a part of the Owerko Centre. Located in Inglewood, Calgary, this charming place invites children and families to visit, explore, and take part in the magic that reading and literacy have to offer. 

exterior shot of Little Red Reading House