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The Owerko Centre Presents Podcasts

On this podcast we talk with Matthew Corkum to discuss ways can parents can promote the idea of ability in disability, and the implications of doing so to benefit kids with neurodevelopmental conditions. Matt and I look closely at questions like how do we ensure that children with neurodevelopmental challenges don’t get frustrated when they struggle at different activities? What can parents do to ensure their children with neurodevelopmental conditions are not too dependent on parents themselves? And, how can parents assist their children to interact with other children?

During the COVID-19 pandemic students have been returning to their school classrooms at different rates and in different ways. But how are the students themselves handling the disruption? What are their feelings about their own personal learning, health, mental health, and relationships in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Can the students own perspectives be used to inform school and board decisions moving forward? We talk about it in this episode of The Owerko Centre Presents podcast.

Supportive people and surroundings enable children and youth to develop skills, including communication, self-esteem, coping, and decision-making. These skills empower them to create naturally supportive and healthy relationships to promote well-being and success in life. On this episode, Dr. Suzanne Tough join us to talk about her research and leadership on the "Connections First" research project that addresses this very idea of the vital importance of providing healthy supportive environments for children and youth.

Welcome to the first episode of The Owerko Centre Presents Podcast. Pregnancy can be a stressful time for expecting mothers at the best of times. But what if you layer on a particularly stressful event, like a global pandemic such as COVID-19? Mark Agius talks to Dr. Gerald Giesbrecht, one of the lead Principal Investigators on the Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic Study, about the study and its implications.  

Brain Child Podcasts

Welcome to Brain Child! In this episode, Krista Forand, registered psychologist, interviews researcher Dr. Carly McMorris about university students with Autism, as well as the Facing Your Fears program, which helps youth with Autism (and their parents) manage anxiety.

Welcome to Brain Child! In this episode, Krista Forand, registered psychologist, interviews researcher Dr. Sheri Madigan about her research related to screen time and early child development.

Welcome to Brain Child! In this episode, Krista Forand, registered psychologist, interviews researcher Dr. Nicole Racine about her research related to parenting, maternal mental health and social support.

Welcome to the first episode of Brain Child! In this episode, Krista Forand, registered psychologist, interviews researcher Dr. Nicole Letourneau about what she has learned over the years through her research about parenting.

In this encore presentation, originally recorded for our Inside ADHD podcast, in June 2018, psychologist Krista Forand, interviews researcher Dr. Gerry Giesbrecht, from the Owerko Centre (Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute) in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Giesbrecht discusses his research, which focuses on how supportive spouses can have a positive influence on infants’ stress responses.

Notable media mentions involving Owerko Centre PIs

"Will pandemic ‘coronababies’ live with long-term trauma?" article about research co-led by Owerko Centre PIs Dr. Gerald Giesbrecht, Dr. Catherine Lebel and Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen

Dr. Signe Bray and Dr. Carly McMorris were both recognized in Avenue Magazine as some of Calgary's brightest stars in the recent Top 40 Under 40 list for 2020.

Avenue Magazine

Owerko Family Distinguished Lectures

Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt - Owerko Family Distinguished Lecture 2020

Dr. Peter Szatmari - 2018 Owerko Family Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Stephen Hinshaw - 2019 Owerko Family Distinguished Lecture

Owerko Centre Neurodevelopmental Clinical Rounds

All people experience benefit when personal interests are supported and encouraged, and intense interests have additional benefits for autistic people. This talk will provide an overview of intense interests, explore similarities and differences in things that interest autistic and typically developing preschool children, and will discuss behavioural traits which relate to interest intensity in early childhood.

This talk will share current findings and perspectives on gender diversity for individuals on the autism spectrum and present evidence-informed practices for supporting gender diverse autistic children, teens, and adults. Participants will investigate their own understandings of gender and neurodiversity while learning practical strategies to provide sensitive care for trans autistic family members, clients, and community members.

Our understanding of autism has evolved over the years, with members of the autism community influencing that evolution. Self-identity and the impact of language pertaining to autism has been a focus of recent work contributed and led by those on the autism spectrum. This talk will provide an overview of this work, and implications for research and clinical practice. Presented by Dr. Adam McCrimmon, Associate Professor, Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.

Motor impairments are common among children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Deborah Dewey will discuss motor difficulties among children with neurodevelopmental disorders, the research examining the genetic and neural bases of motor impairment, and new interventions with potential to improve outcomes in these children. Presented by Dr. Deborah Dewey, Professor, Departments of Paediatrics and Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary.

This presentation will discuss early findings and future directions from Project ACCESS: Assessing the Continuum of Care and Eligibility for Services and Supports for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their Families.  This project focused on the use of linked administrative data to measure and understand disparities in access to existing health, education and social services for youth with NDD and their families, and the impact of these disparities on outcomes of youth with NDD across the life course. The presenter of this session is Dr. Jennifer Zwicker, Director of Health Policy, School of Public Policy Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.

Non-invasive brain stimulation (NiBS) technology has the potential to be a treatment option for children with ADHD. In order to implement such interventions, we need a theory-driven, empirical approach is needed to establish target priorities. This presentation will provide the findings of a multimodal study in children with ADHD (compared to typically developing controls). Presented by Tasmia Hai (University of Alberta PhD candidate) and Cynthia Kahl (University of Calgary MD/PhD candidate).

Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are man-made plastics that disrupt the activity of hormones and the body’s normal functions. Two main types are bisphenols (BPA, BPS). These are found in consumer goods, such as food and beverage containers, textile and building materials, personal-care products (soaps, deodorant), and children’s toys. Research has suggested that prenatal and early childhood exposure may affect children’s neurodevelopment. Presented by Dr. Deborah Dewey, Dr. Gillian England-Mason and Dr. Melody Grohs.

Owerko Center media clips

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How To Swallow Pills by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan

How To Swallow Pills by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan

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