Child Health Research - for lifelong health and well-being

Children are not small adults: at every age, they are unique. Preventing stressors and treating illnesses in babies and children have lifelong benefits. Our institute is devoted to child health research in a wide spectrum of disciplines – all focused on better lifelong health and well-being for children and families.

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Child Health and Wellness: A UCalgary Research Priority

For better health and wellbeing of children and
families around the world.

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The story behind the launch of the Azrieli Accelerator

A national research vision, motivated by philanthropy from the heart, intersects with UCalgary's research strengths...


Susan Graham named Scientific Director of the Azrieli Accelerator

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Transformational $25-million gift will spur novel team approach to accelerate advances in neurodevelopment research at UCalgary

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Pediatric-brain imaging initiative maps the developing brain for neurodevelopmental disabilities in kids

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