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Dr. Jong Rho and ketogenic diet research

Physical activity may protect kids from onset of depression: study

Sheri Madigan, PhD, has identified exercise as one of the factors that can affect a child’s risk for developing depressive symptoms in a paper, published in the March 17 online edition of PEDIATRICS. The study is the first meta-analysis to examine the potential protective association of childhood physical activity with depression over time.

Personalizing approaches to treating childhood arthritis

An international research network aimed at personalizing medicine for children with arthritis has received a multi-million dollar boost. Drs. Susanne Benseler, Alberta Children's Hospital, and Rae Yeung, The Hospital for Sick Children, and co-lead Dr. Nico Wulffraat from University Medical Center Utrecht are receiving $8 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and ZonMw (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research) and Reumafonds (the Dutch Arthritis Foundation). The network will use the investment to develop genomic tests and to determine individualized therapy for children living with arthritis in an attempt to treat children quicker, more efficiently and with fewer side effects.

Gene therapy used to treat Fabry disease - a world first

A team of Canadian physicians and researchers is believed to be the first in the world to have used gene therapy to treat a patient with Fabry disease, a rare inherited enzyme deficiency that can damage major organs and shorten lifespan.
Dr. Aneal Khan, the Alberta Health Services medical geneticist and member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Cumming School of Medicine is leading the experimental trial in Calgary.

Policy change has positive health impact

A study led by Carolyn Emery, researcher in the Faculty of Kinesiology, and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. has found a 64-per-cent reduction in concussion risk and 50-per-cent reduction in all-injury risk because of the 2013 bodychecking ban in peewee hockey. This translates to an estimated 581 concussions saved annually in Alberta and more than 4,800 concussions saved annually in Canada.

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