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Membership Guidelines

ACHRI members are "Child Health & Wellness Researchers or Collaborators". Criteria and guidelines are outlined in the following sections.


Those interested in applying for membership with ACHRI or requesting a review of their current member status are required to complete the ACHRI Membership Application Form and submit it along with their most recent CV to ACHRI, as indicated on the application form. If requesting a review of your current member status, please provide a short explanation as to why you seek to change your member status.

For applicants who hold full member status in another research institute in the Cumming School of Medicine, ACHRI staff will notify the director (or delegate) of the other institute(s). 

All membership applications are initially reviewed for eligibility by ACHRI operations staff. Applications from those with academic and/or clinical appointments are then sent to the appropriate ACHRI Program Director for review and recommendation prior to final membership approval by all program directors. 

Each year, members holding an academic and/or clinical appointment are requested to submit an updated CV and may be asked to provide examples of successes or barriers they have encountered in the past year. 

Departing members are expected to notify ACHRI of their departure but may still choose to receive ACHRI communication.  

While decisions regarding appropriate membership status will be made in accordance with the guidelines outlined in this document, ACHRI reserves the right to assess each membership application on a case-by-case basis.