ACHRI Directors


Dr. Susa Benseler

Dr. Susa Benseler, MD, PhD is highly regarded for many achievements in medicine, especially related to advances in precision public health for children. She has led several national and international studies for childhood rheumatic and inflammatory diseases and established an international and interdisciplinary network of investigators for children with inflammatory brain diseases called BrainWorks. Dr. Benseler views precision medicine, which involves tailoring treatment to the unique characteristics of each individual patient, as fundamental to improving child health. Precision medicine is a strategic priority for the Cumming School of Medicine.

Scientific Director - Basic Science

Dr. Benedikt Hallgrimsson

Dr. Benedikt Hallgrimsson, PhD works on the developmental genetics of complex traits. He integrates 3D imaging and morphometry with genetics and developmental biology. He was awarded the Rohlf Medal for Excellence in Morphometrics in 2015 and elected fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2018. Funded by CIHR, NIH and NSERC, he has published over 130 journal articles, 31 chapters, three edited volumes, and a textbook.

Scientific Director - Clinical Research

Dr. Marinka Twilt

Dr. Marinka Twilt, MD, PhD is a pediatric rheumatologist, clinical epidemiologist, and clinician scientist with a research focus on enhancing our knowledge and understanding of auto inflammatory and immune dysregulatory conditions. She completed Clinical Fellowships in rheumatology and vasculitis at The Hospital for Sick Children. After working at Birmingham Children's Hospital, Birmingham UK and Aarhus University Hospital, Aahus Denmark, she was recruited to the University of Calgary and joined ACHRI's Healthy Outcomes Theme.