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Alberta Children's Hospital Complex Immune Dysregulation Program

Our program expedites genetic diagnoses for children with complex immune dysregulation disorders and optimizes tailored treatment.

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Why choose us

Lack of access to genomic testing is common in children with complex immune dysregulation disorders.

We offer a patient-partnered interdisciplinary clinical and research program where families from across Canada can turn for advanced diagnostics of suspected immune dysregulation disorders and personalized treatments targeting the unique cause of a child’s symptoms.

These collaborative and innovative solutions lead to dozens of children with rare disorders being seen by a group of geneticists, immunologists, dermatologists, rheumatologists and other specialists working together.

Conditions we treat

Conditions we treat: Very Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease(VEOIBD) Periodic fever syndromes (inflammasopathies) Primary atopic  disorders Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy Hypereosinophilia syndromes Neuroinflammation (e.g ADA2 deficiency) Lymphoproliferative disease (e.g. ALPS) Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)

Examples of complex immune dysregulation disorders by specialty

Who we are

We are an experienced multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and physicians from different specialties who are involved in the care of children with complex immune dysregulation disorders at Alberta Children’s Hospital. We collaborate with these areas: Rheumatology, Immunology, Medical Genetics, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Hematology, and Oncology.

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