Celebrating ACH100

Research is Care. Care is Research. 

In celebration of the Alberta Children's Hospital turning 100, ACHRI is sharing the pride, vision and excitement for all that our research teams have and will achieve in partnership with children, families and communities.

Alberta Children's Hospital

Entire Care Teams Driving Research

"I am the Director of the Pediatric ICU (PICU) research program at the ACH. We conduct multiple multi-site research projects with other PICU centres in Canada. I'm the first and only Nurse Practitioner to run a PICU research program in Canada.

My doctoral work is focused on cuddling as an intervention for pain, agitation, and delirium management in the PICU. In the neonatal ICU it is common for babies to be cuddled as part of care, but it doesn’t typically happen in the PICU. Research has shown comfort holding will help our patients recover faster and have better long-term outcomes. It’s not always about asking the complex research questions but asking the questions that matter to the people doing and receiving the care.

My vision is that research be driven and implemented by every single member of the health care team. I want everyone on the team to feel empowered to ask ‘is this the best way to care for my patient?’. When the whole team is involved in research, we strengthen practice and improve our ability to bring the best evidence to the bedside."

- Laurie Lee, NP

Dr. Laurie Lee
Drs. Kathryn Manning and Catherine Lebel

Kids with Healthier Brains

"We work directly with children and families to create sophisticated brain images to understand how brain structure and function can support better mental health.

I am working on visually demonstrating how our brains are different, with the hope to understand how targeted interventions can physically change the way our brain functions. Imagine a child being able to see ‘hey, I can change the way my brain works through medication or treatment or changing my lifestyle’. That tangible MRI image will support long term change in how kids think and how kids feel. That's where I want to go with this work.

Now is the time for action and for different approaches to improve life-long mental health."

- Dr. Kathryn Manning (supervisor Dr. Catherine Lebel)

Dr. Adam Kirton team

Trainees Drive Progress in Child Health Research

"Our research program enhances life participation for disabled children through patient-centred applications of advanced neurotechnologies. I am proud of the dedication our trainees and the impact their hard work has had on the lives of children and their families. Over 15 years, this has included >100 trainees across dozens of diverse backgrounds and programs. Nearly all have presented their work at scientific conferences and published impactful papers. Many have achieved highly competitive awards and recognitions including $3M in trainee funding and prestigious national training awards. 

Our trainees made real connections with kids and families, taking with them a lasting appreciation of the value of child health. This progress was only possible through the unique clinical, academic, and community environments present in Calgary."

Dr. Adam Kirton