Nov. 17, 2022

2022 ASTech Awards

Two Geomatics Engineering Professors recipients of the prestigious awards!
AsTech Awards 2022

The Department of Geomatics Engineering celebrates two award recipients, Dr. Xin Wang, and Dr. Quazi Hassan.

2022 ASTech Awards Winners

Award – Outstanding Innovation In Digital Technologies: Research

Initiative: AI/ML, Education – Artificial intelligence for Logistics

Dr. Xin Wang, Professor, University of Calgary

Dr.Wang develops and implements innovative AI/ML methods and software tools for optimizing logistics networks and providing smart truck routing for goods delivery services under extreme weather conditions. Through this research and the developed technologies, delivery service companies are able to cut down transportation costs by better routing planning, reduce operational costs and improve productivity by optimizing the planning and better managing vehicle fleets. The results of this research help industries to evaluate potential solutions to improve their business practices. 

Award – Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Sustainability: Excellence in Forest Management Research

Initiative: Sustainability Solutions/Approaches, Environment – Application of Remote Sensing Technologies in Forest Fire Management

Dr. Quazi Hassan, Professor, University of Calgary

Dr. Hassan’s work includes the development of advanced forest fire danger forecasting system using publicly available satellite data from NASA; a wildland fire risk modelling framework for the Greater Athabasca oil sands region; and a policy framework for forest fire-induced risks and community resilience for the people of Fort McMurray.