Kamala Adhikari Dahal

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Maternal & Child Health Program

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Department of Community Health Sciences


Population and Public Health, Alberta Health Services

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

Contact information

Office hours

7th floor, Holy Cross Centre
2210, 2nd Street SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2S 3C3



  • Epidemiology
  • Maternal Health
  • Mental Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Preterm Birth

Research Summary

My research aims to identify psychosocial, medical, and obstetric predictors of adverse pregnancy outcomes and the impacts of adverse pregnancy outcomes on maternal short- and long-term health. One of my current research focuses to develop and validate a prediction model that accurately distinguishes women at high risk from the women at low risk for delivering preterm babies. My current research also examines the relationship between adverse pregnancy outcomes and future chronic diseases (cardiovascular, renal and diabetes mellitus) over time. I am hoping to use linked, diverse data sources to answer my research questions. Through my research, I aim to improve the health outcomes of mothers (not only during pregnancy and postpartum period but also thereafter throughout their life) and their infants and children.