Sept. 10, 2020

Nursing mentorship program resets to meet engagement needs of students and alumni

Nursementor to reopen Sept. 16 for registration
NurseMentor Mingle November 2019
UCalgary NurseMentor gathering in Fall 2019

The Faculty of Nursing is excited to announce the imminent 2020 launch of NurseMentor, our online mentoring program that connects undergraduate student nurses with alumni for guidance, inspiration and collaboration.

Registration opens on Sept. 16; past participants and those who have expressed interest should expect an email invite to the new season. All other undergraduate nursing students and alumni nurses of UCalgary are invited to visit the NurseMentor website after Sept. 16, where they will find one-touch links to join.

Online learning and support for nurses has new importance

In response to feedback from our previous season, our aim for this year is to increase engagement and guidance for mentoring pairs in hopes of adding to the learning experiences they need and expect. The intent is to focus more on collaboration: for mentorship to be a great success, mentees and mentors should be equally committed to learning from one another. Collaboration and communication is key. 

The online platform will remain the same and new tools such as guides on mentoring best practices and monthly agendas will be introduced. We will provide more information and support to mentors and mentees to help enable more engaged partnerships and to improve the overall success of each pairing.

UCalgary NurseMentor participants

Mentee Nicole Kadach and her mentor, Margarita Gil at the mingle event for participants in November 2019.

Students matched with alumni nurses for partnership

As the program kicks off for the fall of 2020, students who have registered and expressed a readiness to engage with a mentor will be carefully paired with nurses who have common needs and interests. Registration will stay open until December but the bulk of matching will take place in September and October.

We encourage UCalgary Nursing students and alumni to consider mentorship! Support an aspiring nurse as they transition or seek a mentor to help clarify your own path as a student.

NurseMentor in 2020 will focus on building our mentoring community and fostering continued learning, curiosity and collaboration.

If you are an alumni or undergraduate student of UCalgary Nursing interested in a mentoring partnership, please visit NurseMentor after September 16 to join: