Trainee Awardees

ACHRI STEP Awardees 2019 – 2020

  1. Quinn Andre, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Catherine Lebel

    Project: Neurological links to internalizing and externalizing behaviors in typical children and those with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

  2. Katherine Bright, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Dawn Kingston

    Project: Testing of online interpersonal psychotherapy for common mental health disorders in women, men, and couples undergoing fertility treatment: A randomized controlled trial pilot study

  3. Clement Chan, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Anthony Schryvers

    Project: The use of Moraxella catarrhalis transferrin and lactoferrin receptors in vaccine design

  4. Kelsey Chomistek, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Heinrike Schmeling

    Project: Development of an Adolescent Patient Education Program for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA): A pilot feasibility and acceptability study

  5. Michael Li, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Quan Long

    Project: Characterization of neural development through single-cell RNA sequencing and data mining

  6. Lamees Mohammad, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Guan Yang

    Project: Mechanisms of gene-environment interaction in neurodevelopmental disorders

  7. Michaela Patton, Master’s Student, supervisor Dr. Fiona Schulte

    Project: Pain narratives of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survivors and their parents

  8. Arsheen Rajan, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Peng Huang

    Project: Regulation of muscle regeneration by Hippo signaling in zebrafish

  1. Dr. Suchit Ahuja, PhD; supervisor Dr. Sarah Childs

    Project: Uncovering the role of Foxf2 in brain vascular stability

  2. Dr. Mareike Janiak, PhD; supervisor Dr. Amanda Melin

    Project: Does food and water shortage following a natural disaster lead to loss of gut microbial diversity in a primate model of human health?

  3. Dr. Elodie Labit, PhD; supervisor Dr. Jeff Biernaskie

    Project: Activation of regenerative transcriptional networks to improve skin wound healing.

  4. Dr. Brae Anne McArthur, PhD; supervisor Dr. Sheri Madigan

    Project: Screen time and poor child development

  5. Dr. Anna MacKinnon, PhD; supervisors Dr. Susanne Tough and Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen

    Awarded CSM-ACHRI Fellowship

    Project: It takes a village: How and for whom neighbourhood socioeconomic status impacts social-emotional development in children

  6. Dr. Kyle Potts, PhD; supervisor Dr. Douglas Mahoney

    Project: Improving the expansion and persistence of chimeric antigen receptor expressing immune cells through development of novel oncolytic viruses

  7. Dr. Jessica Rosin, PhD; supervisor Dr. Deborah Kurrasch

    Awarded CSM-ACHRI Fellowship

    Project: Understanding the role of microglia in the developing hypothalamus and how gestational stressors can act through microglia to result in disease

  1. Dr. Jocelyn Jeong, MD; supervisor Dr. Jennifer deBruyn

    Project: Novel methods of non-invasive evaluation of disease activity in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: Exploring the utility of bowel ultrasound and fecal calprotectin

  2. Dr. Jody Platt, MD; supervisors Dr. Susan Samuel and Dr. Valerie Kirk

    Project: Does polysomnogram in patients with tracheostomy predict severity of obstructive sleep apnea after decannulation?

  3. Dr. Tamas Revay, PhD; supervisors Dr. Bob Argiropoulos and Dr. Judy Chernos

    Project: Cytogenomics approaches for improved microarray diagnostic yield in children with intellectual disability

  4. Dr. Kyleigh Schraeder, PhD, P. Psych, CCHCSP Fellow; supervisor Dr. Susan Samuel

    Project: Examining health and mental health service use in Alberta for transition-age youth with complex health care needs

  5. Dr. Michelle Siu, PhD, CCMG Fellow; supervisor Dr. David Sinasac

    Project: Development of a novel biomarker screening tool for mitochondrial diseases

  6. Dr. Tara Spence, PhD; supervisors Dr. Jillian Parboosingh

    Project: Reanalysis of clinical whole exome sequencing data for evaluation of diagnostic yield and cost-effectiveness

  1. Awardees will be announced soon for these awards:

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    • ACHRI Trainee Small Research Grants
    • ACHRI Trainee Travel Award
    • ACHRI Trainee Research Visit and External Course Award
    • ACHRI Trainee Publication Award