Trainee Awardees

Current Holders of ACHRI STEP Awards

  1. Samantha Baglot, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Matthew Hill

    Project: Long-term effects of inhaled cannabis delivery during pregnancy on immune system functioning and social behaviour in male and female rats

  2. Jay Devine, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Benedikt Hallgrimsson

    Project: High-Throughput Discovery of Novel Craniofacial Phenotypes in Development

  3. Mackenzie Gutierrez, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta

    Project: Impact of the mycobiome on host metabolism and obesity.

  4. Hamza Kamran, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Ki-Young Lee

    Project: Protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR2) involvement in the L-asparaginase-induced acute lymphoblastic leukemia (aLL) cell apoptotic pathway

  5. Shreeya Kedia, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Guang Yang

    Project: Dissecting the ubiquitination mechanism of a rare neurological disorder

  6. Rachel Lacroix, Master’s Student; supervisor Dr. Deborah Kurrasch

    Project: The influence of gene x environment interactions in the development of Autism Spectrum Disorders

  7. Angela Pochakom, Master’s Student, supervisor Dr. Jane Shearer

    Project: Deciphering the role of the gut microbiome-brain axis in Autism Spectrum Disorder

  8. Saif Sikdar, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Douglas Mahoney

    Project: Role of the microbiome in tumour immune surveillance and oncolytic virus immunotherapy

  9. Dan Zhang, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. David Hansen

    Project: The Role of the RNA-Induced Silencing Complex (RISC) Component VIG-1 in C. elegans Stem Cell Regulation

  10. Kelsey Ellis, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed

    ProjectYoga for Pediatric Patients and Survivors of Oncological and Hematological Diseases

  11. Parker La, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Ashley Harris

    ProjectAdvancing Concussion Assessment in Pediatrics (A-CAP): Studying brain metabolites in pediatric concussion

  12. Ada Madubueze, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Kathleen Chaput

    ProjectThe association between maternal symptoms of prenatal anxiety and breastfeeding outcomes in the all our families cohort

  13. Laura Rojas, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Gerald Giesbrecht

    ProjectInvestigating the role of gastrointestinal microbiota as a mediator between mode of delivery and cognitive outcomes in children

  14. Katherine Silang, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen

    ProjectPregnancy During a Pandemic: Effects of Psychological Distress on Infant Temperament

  15. Clara Tapia, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Frank MacMaster

    ProjectAnalysis of the efficacy and feasibility of connectivity-based targeting in TMS for adolescents with treatment-resistant depression

  16. Jacqueline Wilson, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Karen Benzies

    ProjectEvaluating strategies for patient and family engagement in the scale and spread of Alberta Family Integrated Care (FICare) in Alberta Neonatal Intensive Care Units

  17. Krista Wollny, PhD Student; supervisors Dr. Amy Metcalfe and Dr. Deborah McNeil

    ProjectUnplanned Extubations: a Preventable Adverse Event in Pediatric Critical Care

  18. Iman Al Khatib, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Timothy Shutt

    ProjectMitochondrial DNA regulation

  19. David Aponte, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Benedikt Hallgrimsson

    ProjectA Unified Framework for Craniofacial Syndrome Visualization and Automated

  20. Amira Kalifa, Master's Student; supervisor Dr. Sarah McFarlane

    Project:  The role of Semaphorin3fa in the maintenance of progenitor cells in a post mitotic retina

  21. Lindsay Phillips, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. William Brook

    ProjectAnalysis of interactions between midline and Mothers-against-decapentaplegic in Drosophila leg development

  22. Sadman Sakib, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Ina Dobrinski

    ProjectNovel approaches for scalable long-term expansion of germ cells and in vitro spermatogenesis

  23. Sumedh Bele, PhD Student; supervisor Dr. Maria Santana

    ProjectAssessing the Integration of Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Routine Pediatric Clinical Care for Asthma 

  24. Daphne Nakhid, Master's Student; supervisors Dr. Catherine Lebel and Dr. Carly McMorris

    ProjectBrain Structure and Internalizing Behaviours in Children and Adolescents with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

  25. Nikki Stephenson, PhD Student; supervisors Dr. Amy Metcalfe and Dr. Suzanne Tough

    ProjectRisk and Protective Factors of Child Development for Children Born too Soon

  1. Dr. Suchit Ahuja, PhD; supervisor Dr. Sarah Childs

    Awarded CSM-ACHRI Fellowship

    Project: Uncovering the role of Foxf2 in brain vascular stability


  2. Dr. Mareike Janiak, PhD; supervisor Dr. Amanda Melin

    Project: Does food and water shortage following a natural disaster lead to loss of gut microbial diversity in a primate model of human health?

  3. Dr. Brae Anne McArthur, PhD; supervisor Dr. Sheri Madigan

    Project: Screen time and poor child development

  4. Dr. Mohamad-Reza Aghanoori, PhD; supervisor Dr. Guang Yang

    ProjectTargeting the Mislocalized CELF2 Protein to Fight a Rare Neurodevelopmental Disorder  

  5. Dr. Manon Defaye, PhD; supervisor Dr. Christophe Altier

    Awarded CSM-ACHRI Fellowship

    ProjectRole of TRPV1 colonic neurons in this microbiota-gut-brain axis in chronic visceral pain.

  6. Dr. Golam Mezbah Uddin, PhD; supervisor Dr. Tim Shutt

    Awarded CSM-ACHRI Fellowship

    Project: Investigating how the ketogenic diet promotes mitochondrial fusion as a novel approach to target autism spectrum disorder

  7. Dr. Ted Verhey, PhD; supervisor Dr. Sorana Morrissy

    ProjectThe proteogenomic landscape of pediatric high-grade glioma

  8. Dr. Marta Vidal-Garcia, PhD; supervisor Dr. Benedikt Hallgrimsson

    ProjectA novel approach for understanding the developmental and genetic basis of phenotypic integration

  9. Dr. Deepika Dogra, PhD; supervisor Dr. Deborah Kurrasch

    ProjectA precision medicine approach to modeling a rare pediatric epilepsy

  10. Dr. Bethany Radford, PhD; supervisor Dr. Myriam Hemberger

    Awarded CSM-ACHRI Fellowship

    ProjectUnderstanding the Origins of Congenital Heart Disease - Defining the Causative Role of the Placenta

  11. Dr. Tareq Hossan, PhD; supervisor Dr. Derrick Rancourt

    ProjectMolecular characterization of bioreactor derived embryonic stem cell exosomes and evaluation of their functional potential for cellular reprogramming

  12. Dr. Elizabeth Morin-Lessard, PhD; supervisor Dr. Susan Graham

    ProjectPreschooler's attention to speech disfluencies as communicative signals

  13. Dr. Nathalia de Lima e Martins Lara, PhD; supervisor Dr. Ina Dobrinski

    Project: Testicular organoids derived from induced pluripotent stem cells as a bioassay for modelling testicular development and function in vitro

  14. Dr. Lin Li, PhD; supervisor Dr. Edwin Wang

    Project: Understanding the mechanism underlying immune cell infiltration in pediatric glioblastoma using combined bioinformatic and experimental approaches

  15. Dr. Erin Noye Tuplin, PhD; supervisor Dr. Raylene Reimer

    ProjectThe effects of human milk oligosaccharide supplementation during critical periods of neurodevelopment on obesity susceptibility in adulthood

  16. Dr. Yiqun Lin, MD, PhD; supervisor Dr. Adam Cheng

    ProjectImpact of aerosol box use on patterns of contamination in pediatric healthcare providers and environment during aerosol generating medical procedures in the management of simulated COVID-19 patients: A simulation-based study

  1. Dr. Jody Platt, MD; supervisors Dr. Susan Samuel and Dr. Valerie Kirk

    Project: Does polysomnogram in patients with tracheostomy predict severity of obstructive sleep apnea after decannulation?

  2. Dr. Michelle Siu, PhD; supervisor Dr. David Sinasac

    Project: Development of a novel biomarker screening tool for mitochondrial diseases

  3. Dr. Tara Spence, PhD; supervisors Dr. Jillian Parboosingh

    Project: Reanalysis of clinical whole exome sequencing data for evaluation of diagnostic yield and cost-effectiveness

  4. Dr. Ratika Srivastava, MD; supervisor Dr. Adam Kirton

    ProjectClinical and neuroimaging predictors of response to neuromodulation therapy in children with perinatal stroke and cerebral palsy: Towards personalized pediatric neurorehabilitation

  5. Dr. Amanda Tyndall, PhD; supervisors Dr. Jillian Parboosingh and Dr. Ryan Lamont

    Project: Rapid Access to Pediatric Diagnoses (RAPiD) Kidomics

  6. Dr. Bibi Areefa Alladin-Karan, MBBS; supervisor Dr. Susan Samuel

    Project: Ig A Nephropathy: Understanding risk of chronic kidney disease progression and outcomes in children and young adults 

  7. Dr. Kristine Woodward, MD; supervisor Dr. Michael Esser

    ProjectMulti-modal monitoring of brain at risk in critically ill children

  1. Dr. Omar Damji, MD; supervisor Dr. Vincent Grant

    ProjectVITAL – Virtual Reality for Intubation Training As a Lifesaving Measure

  2. Dr. Deepika Dogra, PhD; supervisor Dr. Deborah Kurrasch

    ProjectTranscriptomic profiling of brain organoids derived from SCN8A-related epilepsy patients with differential drug response

  3. Dr. Shirin Moossavi, PhD; supervisor Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta

    ProjectMechanistic insight into microbiome restoration in premature infants using gut-microbiome-on-a-chip

  4. Dr. Kayla Stone, PhD; supervisor Dr. Frank MacMaster

    ProjectThe effects of neurostimulation on inhibitory control in youth

  5. Dr. Michèle Hébert, PhD; supervisor Dr. Jennifer Zwicker

    ProjectReducing fragmentation in care transitions for children with medical complexity by informing health system guidelines and policy

  6. Dr. Eli Kinney-Lang, PhD; supervisor Dr. Adam Kirton

    ProjectBrain Drain: Understanding fatigue in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for children

  7. Dr. Brae Anne McArthur, PhD; supervisor Dr. Sheri Madigan

    ProjectScreen Use Co-viewing Context and the Associated Impact on Language Learning in Infants