Jan. 15, 2019

Old Japan Redux Adds New Volume

The fall 2018 Japanese Civilization class (JPNS 317.01) proudly announces the fifth volume of "Old Japan Redux"
Old Japan Redux 5: Fictional Stories, Manga and More
Old Japan Redux 5: Fictional Stories, Manga and More X. Jie Yang
Old Japan Redux 5

Old Japan Redux 5

If you are interested in Japanese history and culture, you have to take a look at this small collection -- Old Japan Redux 5, a selection of creative student work from Japanese Civilization (JPNS 317.01) in fall 2018.

This is the fifth volume in this series, generated from the same course over the past five years. To complete the final project in the course, students have the choice to submit either an academic essay or a creative work. Many students choose the latter, applying their abundant creative talent in order to present their learning. It is truly a pleasure to enjoy these many wonderful writings and drawings, to see Japan's old history and cultural tradition reflected in the eye of Canadian students.

In addition, since fall 2017, the instructor has implemented a new midterm assignment: 3-minute video presentations ("TED@317"). The selected video works are published in a parallel platform to this collection: a special webpage in the same title, "Old Japan Redux". Ten titles are newly added to this page.

This year, when the instructor sent out an invitation to those selected authors, there was one comment returned back: it had been the goal for this student to be included in this series. It is a solid sign to indicate that this publication helps student confidence and learning, a great reward for this continuing effort of editing and publishing. (Prepared by X. Jie Yang)

Old Japan Redux Site

Old Japan Redux

Old Japan Redux youtube channel

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Old Japan Redux 4 -- fascinating stories from ancient Japan!

The Japanese Civilization class (JPNS 317.01) in fall 2017 proudly announces the fourth volume of "Old Japan Redux", a collection of five fictional stories and three comic works selected from the term report submitted at the end of the last year.

Edited by Prof. X. Jie Yang and assisted by Emily Chiasson, this collection presents an unique way to retell stories and historical events from the history of Japan, and to share a contemporary reading about the past by the young mind of Canadian. It well reflects the enthusiastic learning and wonderful outcomes through out the rather short 37 hours of the classes.

Please download it and enjoy the reading of "Old Japan Redux 4"

A new webpage and YouTube channel have also been created by Dr. X. Jie Yang, to present selected video works produced by students in JPNS 317.01 (Japanese Civilization).

In last fall's offering of the same course, students were asked to complete a special assignment: TED@317, a three-minute live talk or a recorded video to discuss one selected issue in Japanese history. Thereafter, many students chose this same format to carry out the final project for the course. This practice eventually generated nearly 120 video recordings and creative works when the fall term finished. Dr. Yang's YouTube channel contains 10 video works from that submission, as well as two works from past classes, as a way to demonstrate the learning outcomes achieved through the course, and to provide a new type of information for those who are interested in Japanese culture and history.

Please take a look at the website and the channel, in order to enjoy the wonderful creativity of our students, and their unique presentations on the fascinating Japanese tradition. Don't forget to write some comments under the video(s) you like. Your input will be a great encouragement to the author, as well as to the future students who may be asked to complete a similar assignment.

Old Japan Redux with Video

(Click above to access the YouTube channel.)


Old Japan Redux 1-3 -- fascinating stories from ancient Japan!

Dr. X. Jie Yang, professor of Japanese, and Chair of the Division of Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies, is pleased to welcome you to Old Japan Redux, a special collection of video, manga cartoons, and short fictional stories retelling Japanese history and its classical literature.

These incredible collections of student work are comprised of completely original and creative representations of historical events and classical literary episodes from the Japanese tradition and contain short stories, comics and video clips created by students from Japanese 317: Japanese Civilization (fall 2014 - fall 2016).

These works are an inspiring showcase of the artistic abilities and scholastic achievements of the contributing students, as they learn more about the culture and literary history of Japan. It is also a testament to the dedication and commitment shown by Professor Yang to his students and their learning experience.

All three volumes are well worth checking out.


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