Jan. 9, 2019

An updated look for UCalgary engineering

Introducing the new Schulich website
Schulich School of Engineering Website
Schulich School of Engineering Website

The Schulich School of Engineering is starting 2019 off with a bold new website.

The refreshed University of Calgary engineering faculty website features more than 400 pages of updated content describing our departments and our programs. It includes nearly 200 profiles of our faculty members outlining their research and teaching accomplishments.

An expanded alumni section has been created outlining benefits and services available to engineering graduates. An outstanding individual will be featured in our alumni spotlight each month. And some of our inspiring and most recent alumni are the focus of our recent graduate stories.

Engage with us

A new aspect of the Schulich website is the focus on helping continue to build community connections within our engineering community and beyond.

We’ve made it easier for you to find out about our upcoming events, to partner with us on research, to discover how to hire an intern and to update your contact information in our alumni database. All of this and more can be found on our engage with us page.

“We’re committed to collaborating with our community to enhance the engineering profession and this website. The engage with us feature, is yet another way we want to work with you,” said Bill Rosehart, dean of the Schulich School of Engineering.

Our recent launch is only the beginning for our new website. We encourage you to stop and check out www.schulich.ucalgary.ca to find out more about the evolving engineering school. If you have questions or feedback about the site, please let us know by emailing ssemc@ucalgary.ca